Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I've been challenged!

I decided to challenge myself, and participate in three different challenges. My blog traffic has slowed, since the holidays, so I'm hoping to get more views and more followers. I love creating, but I have a style and cuts that I like, so I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and join some challenges that I may not have considered. I hope you enjoy what I have done, and because I'm new I have little to offer as far as give a ways. I have added some adds to my blog that I hope will generate a bit of money to help get some giveaways happening in the near future. I kindly ask that you take a second to click one of my adds; all money earned will go back to my viewers and followers. Till I have something more to offer, I give you all my thanks for visiting and supporting my blog.

The challenges:

Bitten by the Bug 2 - Caterpillar

Fantabulous Cricut - #93 Man Time

My entries:

Bitten by the Bug 2 - Caterpillar

This challenge was to make a project using a caterpillar cut. I normally wouldn't use the caterpillar from 'Create a Critter', but that was the challenge. I tried to come up with some thing cute; so I thought of this concept. Some dreams don't always come true, but for this little guy I think he has chosen an obtainable goal.

I used the following Cricut Cartridges on this project:

Create a Critter - Caterpillar and the Thought Bubble.
Sentimentals - Background Marquee and the Butterfly

Fantabulous Cricut - #93 Man Time

The objective was to "Create a Masculine Project". This one took a lot of thinking. I have very few cartridges with cuts geared towards guys. I don't do sports or tools, so I had little to go on. I do however like animals and so that's what I went with. I chose a animal that I thought was on the masculine side; a Wolf, from 'Noah's ABC Animals'. I made a bit of a scene with the help of 'Plantin Schoolbook'. I think this card came out a bit flat, so I added stars and am still trying to think of something else, maybe add something to the moon.

Cricut Cartridges Used:

Noah's ABC Animals - Wolf
Plantin Schoolbook - Trees and the Circle Moon

Thanks for the challenge,



  1. Both of these are darling! I really love the colors. Thanks for playing with us at BBTB2!!

  2. cute caterpillar card i like the idea behind it ( attainable dream) thanks for sharing with us at bbtb2 :)

  3. What a cute idea on the BBTB2 challenge....thanks for joining us.

  4. Great cards! Thanks for creating with us at FCCB this week-- I really like the wolf!

  5. Great cards!! Great cuts!! I love that wolf!!
    Thanks for Playing with us @ FCCB!!
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  6. Great idea having the little bubble with the caterpillar dreaming of what her new look will be. Thanks for playing along at BBTB2.

  7. OMG! They are both great Colin! I love how the little caterpillar is dreaming, that is so unique! And the wolf card is also very good! The embossing is perfect and I love how perfect you matched up the ribbon on the first one, good job! {{Applause}} I know exactly what you mean about these two challenges being out of the comfort zone and I admire the fact that you pushed yourself to do it. I have the hardest time with masculine cards and cute cards. I'm talking a massive headache trying to figure out what to do. You accomplished both so good!

    You know Colin, I would love to send some traffic this way. I think you do such fabulous cards and are very creative. Just let me know if you would be ok with me recommending your blog, ok? (Ok...must see the other cards now...)


  8. What great cards! I like the choice of the wolf for your masculine card. Thanks for playing along with us at FCCB for the Man Time challenge!


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