Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cricut Cardz Challenge #96

This challenge was: Challenge #96 "Christmas: Say It with S!" Make a card for Christmas using an image that starts with the letter S, using any cartridge(s) and any colors you'd like.

 Check it out @ Cardz Tv

Here is my creation, though not a card, I used the Skate cut from Winter Woodland to make a broach.
I tried to do this with felt first, but quickly leaned that it doesn't cut well. I cut several shadow layers and glued them together to give it some support. this is not quite finished, I would still like to lightly sand the edges to make them even. I would also like to apply a finish of some sort to protect it a bit from ware. I learned that I am not good with a glue gun, so excuse the mess of the glued backing.

Skate on,


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  1. A broach, very creative! Gives me a great idea, so thanks for the inspiration!